Cats For Adoption

  • Oscar


    Male Domestic Medium Hair, 9/01/2009

    OSCAR. What a lovable, stunning male tabby. He has been patiently waiting a long time now for that special person. Oscar really has it all, with a strong physique and gentle soul...

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  • Jezebel


    Female Domestic Medium Hair, 3 years 7 months

    A beautiful, confident girl who would love to have a canine brother or sister (maybe) with a human or two to looooove. Jez has no fear of her foster doggy sibling Buster and they are quite happy...

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  • Samantha


    Female Domestic Medium Hair, 9 years 2 month

    Sam is a gentle soul who is looking for a loving home with a quiet and nurturing environment. She enjoys chin rubs and a good head massage...

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  • Desdemona


    Female Domestic Medium Hair, 2 years 3 months

    Desdemona is the sweetest most affectionate little cat with a cute little squeak and a very loud purr. She is adorable, has an amazing personality, is smart, house-trained and very well-mannered...

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  • Izzy


    Female Domestic Medium Hair, 6 years 4 months

    Sweet Izzy is a delicate soul. This beautiful cat can be very shy and is looking for a calm and loving home where she can chill out and feel safe and protected from the world...

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  • Jaele, a special needs girl

    Jaele, a special needs girl

    Female Manx x, 19/12/2015

    Jaele is a special needs girl. And what a little ray of sunshine she is! This adorable kitten is a curious explorer who will climb anything she can find...

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  • Josette


    Female Manx x, 19/12/2015

    Josette loves to play with shoe laces… whilst they are attached to the shoes on your feet! And it’s best to keep your socks on when relaxing on the couch as she loves to nibble toes too...

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  • Joelle


    Female Manx x, 19/12/2015

    Joelle is extremely playful and confident in her approach to anything that resembles fun! She's very curious and loves to explore the world around her...

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  • Julius


    Male Manx x, 19/12/2015

    Julius is an absolute delight! He doesn’t just enjoy his human companions, he seeks them out and prefers to sleep with some kind of contact – either curling up next to your leg...

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  • Jala


    Female Manx x, 19/12/2015

    Jala is a lovely little girl who greets you with a sweet head rub as if to say “I’m really happy to see you”. As a kitten she’s naturally playful, but also has a quiet side ...

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  • Princess Puss Puss -  Foster Carers Needed

    Princess Puss Puss - Foster Carers Needed

    Female Domestic Medium Hair, 5/08/2006

    Princess Puss Puss is a young cat who came to us when her owner became incapacitated. She was understandably shy and timid for the first few days with her new family, but has shown that she adapts quickly to new settings...

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  • Rona


    Female Domestic Medium Hair, 29/12/2015

    Rona is a lovely, quiet and affectionate cat. She will approach you happily and rub her head on your hand. Rona has been a wonderful mother to her two kittens Renee and Rikki...

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  • Rebekah


    Female Domestic Short Hair, 8/6/2015

    Meet Rebekah! A delightful girl who wants nothing more than pats, cuddles, and to show you how much she loves you. She is even the perfect houseguest...

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  • Rika


    Female Domestic Medium Hair, 4/10/2016

    Rika and Rosaline are curious, sweet and affectionate. They absolutely adore each other and would dearly love to be rehomed together...

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  • Rosaline


    Female Domestic Medium Hair, 14/10/2016

    Rosaline and Rika are curious, sweet and affectionate cats who would dearly love to be rehomed together. They meow out to say hello when you walk past and enter the room ...

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  • Savannah


    Female Domestic Medium Hair, 4 months

    Lively Savannah joins in the rough-and-tumble games of her siblings Sierra and Shiloh with gusto, but can also amuse herself happily with her many toys...

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  • Nero Smith

    Nero Smith

    Male Domestic Short Hair, 27/11/2016

    Nero's dark good looks will surely melt your heart. He is a very sweet, friendly little boy who really enjoys learning to be a cat...

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  • Thor Smith

    Thor Smith

    Male Domestic Short Hair, 27/11/2016

    Sweet Thor is always waiting to greet you at the door when you come home. This cutie looks like the Whiskas kitten and is an energetic and loving soul...

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  • Haluki


    Female Domestic Short Hair, 4 years 7 months

    Haluki is an affectionate girl who loves to rest in the sun and explore the world outside. She likes to sleep at the foot of the bed at night and in the morning will come up closer for a pat and to say good morning...

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  • Veronica


    Female Domestic Short Hair, 25/10/2016

    Veronica is a stunning cat. She has adjusted beautifully to life at her foster home eating and sleeping well and delighting in lots of play...

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  • Yasmine


    Female Domestic Short Hair, 28/11/2016

    Yasmine is a lovely girl who adores her cuddles. She's a big softy who you will fall in love with instantly...

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  • Yannick


    Male Domestic Short Hair, 28/11/2016

    Yannick is a very playful, little sweety! He'll play all day and then snuggle right up on your neck when he's sleepy...

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  • Comet is not available - he is trialling his new home

    Comet is not available - he is trialling his new home

    Male Domestic Short Hair, 15/08/2013

    Comet has the most adorable meow and is so curious and playful. He loves to snuggle and purr when you're in bed and delights in playing with his toys. It is easy to lose track of time as Comet keeps you entertained...

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  • Storm


    Male Domestic Short Hair, 21/01/2017

    Storm is adorable, no doubt about that. He loves his little bouts of playing, cuddling, scampering and then feeding before he curls up into a tiny ball of fur and sleeps soundly...

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  • Sparrow


    Female Domestic Short Hair, 17/04/2016

    If small cats chose to have super powers (and some people say they do), Sparrow would choose disproving that stereotype about cats being grumpy loners. She loves everyone...

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  • Soranyu


    Female Domestic Short Hair, 28-01-2016

    Opening your home to this pretty face will require lots of chats, cuddles and laughs. You’ll walk in the door and be welcomed home by a meow...

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  • Sooty


    Female Domestic Short Hair, 21-02-2017

    Sooty is absolutely stunning! She is content to be in your arms and loves attention. She can be a bit shy but is very affectionate...

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  • Shady


    Female Domestic Short Hair, 21-02-2017

    Shady is a petite kitten who loves to picked up, carried and patted. Although a little shy she adores playing with her siblings and enjoys receiving bucket loads of attention from her people...

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  • Somali


    Female Domestic Short Hair, 21-02-2017

    Somali is adorable. Although a little shy, once she is relaxed in your arms she is happy to be cuddled. She loves wrestling and playtime with her siblings ...

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  • Sully


    Male Domestic Medium Hair, 21-02-2017

    SSully is a handsome little rascal. This confident boy is active and playful and delights in wrestling with his siblings...

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  • Scamper


    Male Domestic Medium Hair, 21-02-2017

    Scamper is a beautiful girl who has a cute, tiny freckle on her nose. She is an active kitten who adores wrestle play with her siblings...

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Check out our gallery with rescue cats of all sizes and backgrounds. They all have two things in common: each was abandoned in one way or other, and each of them is longing for a forever home, a home where they are loved, feel safe and yes -  are spoiled. Can you give that to one of these gorgeous guys?

Please note: we do not rehome interstate or to applicants under 25.