Cats For Adoption

  • Oscar


    Male Domestic Medium Hair, 9/01/2009

    Oscar is an amazingly affectionate boy. He just loves when you are around because he adores your company. Oscar is the easiest cat in town, as long as he has food and you, he is a contented creature...

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  • Jezebel


    Female Domestic Medium Hair, 3 years 10 months

    Hi there. I'm Jezebel! I am a gloriously coated black and white girl. I have the most splendid tail which flicks from side to side as I sashay down the hallway with my customary attitude...

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  • Samantha


    Female Domestic Medium Hair, 9 years 2 month

    Sam is a gentle soul who is looking for a loving home with a quiet and nurturing environment. She enjoys chin rubs and a good head massage...

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  • Jaele, a special needs girl

    Jaele, a special needs girl

    Female Manx x, 19/12/2015

    Jaele is a special needs girl. And what a little ray of sunshine she is! This adorable kitten is a curious explorer who will climb anything she can find...

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  • Joelle


    Female Manx x, 19/12/2015

    Joelle is extremely playful and confident in her approach to anything that resembles fun! She's very curious and loves to explore the world around her...

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  • Julius


    Male Manx x, 19/12/2015

    Julius is an absolute delight! He doesn’t just enjoy his human companions, he seeks them out and prefers to sleep with some kind of contact – either curling up next to your leg...

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  • Princess Puss Puss

    Princess Puss Puss

    Female Domestic Medium Hair, 5/08/2006

    Princess Puss Puss is a young cat who came to us when her owner became incapacitated. She was understandably shy and timid for the first few days with her new family, but has shown that she adapts quickly to new settings...

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  • Rona


    Female Domestic Medium Hair, 29/12/2015

    Rona is a beautiful, lively and affectionate cat. She likes to sleep on her human's bed, and watch out in winter - she will snuggle under the doona...

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  • Rebekah


    Female Domestic Short Hair, 8/6/2015

    Meet Rebekah! A delightful girl who wants nothing more than pats, cuddles, and to show you how much she loves you. She is even the perfect houseguest...

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  • Savannah


    Female Domestic Medium Hair, 10/12/16

    Playful Savannah is looking for a home with plenty of company – she is particularly hoping there will be another young cat to play with...

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  • Nero Smith is not available - he is checking out his new home

    Nero Smith is not available - he is checking out his new home

    Male Domestic Short Hair, 27/11/2016

    Cats become very set in their ways. They need to be fed on time, they won't be cuddled unless they want to, and playing is definitely, definitely not something that will be done if they don't feel like it... Until they meet Nero, that is...

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  • Thor Smith is not available - he is checking out his new home

    Thor Smith is not available - he is checking out his new home

    Male Domestic Short Hair, 27/11/2016

    Thor is one of the few cats in the world who can sit on your lap, stare at you intently, purr, and play-wrestle another cat, all at the same time. He is that sort of moggie; friendly, affectionate, thoughtful, playful and loving...

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  • Veronica


    Female Domestic Short Hair, 25/10/2016

    Veronica is a stunning cat. She has adjusted beautifully to life at her foster home eating and sleeping well and delighting in lots of play...

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  • Somali - Special Needs

    Somali - Special Needs

    Female Domestic Short Hair, 21-02-2017

    Somali is adorable. Although very shy when she first meets new people, once she is relaxed she is a delight. Somali is very affectionate and loves to have her tummy rubbed...

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  • Scamper


    Female Domestic Medium Hair, 21-02-2017

    Scamper is a beautiful girl who has a cute, tiny freckle on her nose. She is an active kitten who adores wrestle play with her siblings...

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  • Freckles Farnsworth

    Freckles Farnsworth

    Male Domestic Short Hair, 3/03/17

    Our gorgeous Freckles is definitely model material! He has such a cute and adventurous spirit along with a contemplative, quiet side at times. Freckles loves to play hide and seek and 'you're it!' with his adorable brother Freddie...

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  • Freddie Farnsworth

    Freddie Farnsworth

    Male Domestic Short Hair, 3/03/17

    Loving and handsome, young Freddie is always on the go. He delights in playing with his brother Freckles or is just as happy to explore his world solo. Freddie has a sweet bond with Freckles and they would love if they could find a home to share...

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  • Mr Roberts

    Mr Roberts

    Male Domestic Medium Hair, 20/08/2010

    Mr Roberts is a handsome boy. He is looking for a quiet home where he can relax and have plenty of space to himself...

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Check out our gallery with rescue cats of all sizes and backgrounds. They all have two things in common: each was abandoned in one way or other, and each of them is longing for a forever home, a home where they are loved, feel safe and yes -  are spoiled. Can you give that to one of these gorgeous guys?

Please note: we do not rehome interstate or to applicants under 25.