Dogs For Adoption

  • Touza Needs A Foster Carer

    Touza Needs A Foster Carer

    Large Male American Bulldog x Boxer , 3 years

    Hey there! I’m Touza. So... if you’re going to take me home either for a while or permanently it is best I tell you a little about myself...

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  • Bruce Delvaney & Shaquila Jezruddin

    Bruce Delvaney & Shaquila Jezruddin

    Medium Whippets x, Bruce 26/06/15, Shaquila 22/12/10

    Please note: Bruce and Shaquila have developed a loving bond and we will be rehoming them together
    Bruce is an affectionate dog who loves his people and his pack buddies. Shaquila is a sweet, gentle girl looking for an equally caring, easy-going family to call her own....

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  • Lincoln & Villandra

    Lincoln & Villandra

    Small Male Maltese x & Small female Chihuahua x, Lincoln 7/03/2015, Villandra 5/06/15

    Please note: Villandra and Lincoln fell in love at first sight and we will be rehoming them as a pair.
    Villi has not had the best start in life but is now a healthy young lady ready to be the first four legged socialite to explore everything. Lincoln is not for the person who wants just a cute dog to baby. Don't be misled by those pretty boy looks...

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  • Jess O'Hara

    Jess O'Hara

    Large Female Greyhound x Staghound, 1 year 6 months

    Meet Jess O’Hara. And here are her good points: She’s house trained; nice, sweet and gentle with people, good on lead and will sit and stay for food and treats...

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  • Mossi


    Small Male Miniature Fox Terrier x, 8 years 10 months

    Mossi is a loving and snuggly little bundle. He loves to cuddle up in the evenings and sit by you during the day. He doesn't have a lot of energy but does like a little walk and a play with his ball...

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  • Tomkins - currently withdrawn

    Tomkins - currently withdrawn

    Male Terrier x, 15/06/2013

    Tomkins is the ultimate rough diamond. To his number one person, he will be simply brilliant. He will dance with delight when you get home, play fetch for hours on end then stretch out at your feet with a contented smile on his face that says "thank you for saving me" ...

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  • Amy Hazeldene

    Amy Hazeldene

    Medium Female Bull Arab x, 4 years

    Please note: Amy is to be rehomed with another medium to large dog as she is quite boisterous in her play and loves canine company.
    Beautiful and with a unique blend of playfulness and calmness that only comes along once in a lifetime, Amy is a sweet girl who brings serenity to everyone that she meets...

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  • Jaycie - Foster Carers Needed

    Jaycie - Foster Carers Needed

    Medium Female Rottweiler x, 4 years 1 month

    A big strong girl, with a big smile and a big heart, Jaycie is a brave and gentle soul who loves her people and would make a fantastic addition to the right home, a home where the people make their dog a significant part of their lives...

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  • Stella Kay

    Stella Kay

    Medium Female Staffy x, 4/07/06

    Stella is a sprightly, active eleven year old, in excellent health with no medical conditions or concerns. She has been well loved and well looked after and loves to have the company of people or other dogs...

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  • Sunny Featherstone

    Sunny Featherstone

    Small Male Poodle x, 10/08/2002

    Meet Sunny, a quiet boy who most enjoys the simple things in life – food, walks, and naps. Sunny would prefer to live with another dog for company in his forever home...

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  • Molly O’Halloran is not available - she is trialling her new home

    Molly O’Halloran is not available - she is trialling her new home

    Small Female Jack Russell Terrier x, 1/12/2004

    Please note: Molly will be the only dog in her new home.
    Molly O’Halloran is a gorgeous dog. She loves to swim, play with a ball and have a good game of tug of war. A clever girl, Molly understands the commands to sit, lay down...

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  • Oriel


    Small Male Maltese x, 14/01/2006

    Please note: Oriel will thrive in a new home that has another small dog for company.
    Oriel is a cute little boy. He is on the search for a special family to fall in love with him and welcome him into their pack...

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  • Charlie Lewis

    Charlie Lewis

    Small Male Terrier x, 25/09/2010

    Please note: Charlie Lewis will be rehomed with another doggy friend for company.
    Charlie Lewis is a sweet and calm boy who likes plenty of pats and head scratches. He has been socialised and loves active play with other dogs...

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  • Chuck Abernathy

    Chuck Abernathy

    Large Male Deer Hound x, 1/03/2010

    We think "Chuck" must be short for "Charles", as this gorgeous boy is very distinguished. His current foster carer describes him as 'quiet, well-behaved, dignified ... a real gentleman"...

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  • Joop Abernathy

    Joop Abernathy

    Large Male Deer Hound x, 1/03/2010

    Joop is a sweet and loving boy. Although he loves his exercise he is the true couch potato – happy to chill with his people...

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  • Lucy Zoolander

    Lucy Zoolander

    Small Female Maltese x, 2/03/2015

    Please note: Lucy will be rehomed with another active dog. She is very playful and loves the company....

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  • Abbie


    Medium Female Kelpie x, 5/05/2016

    Please note: We are looking to rehome Abbie to an adult home with another placid dog for company.
    Sweet Abbie loves cuddles and being with her people every possible minute of the day. She thrives in the company of other dogs and loves to play with them...

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  • Ash


    Small Male Terrier x, 15/03/2007

    Look at this face. What a fox! Well, a fox cross. Ash is a loveable little man with a heart of gold. He loves two things in life, his humans and toys - chew toys...

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  • Anderson is not available - he is trialling his new home

    Anderson is not available - he is trialling his new home

    Small Male Fox Terrier x, 11/03/2015

    Anderson is a snuggly little boy who is very fond of affection. He would love to find a family with another placid dog for company...

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  • Cameron Conway

    Cameron Conway

    Medium Male Staffy x, 5/05/2016

    Cameron Conway is a lovely boy. He is good with a firm word and knows how to sit before he eats and crosses the road. This beautiful dog is very smart and he has a loving, playful nature...

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  • Milli Delmar

    Milli Delmar

    Small Female Fox Terrier x Poodle, 20/04/2010

    Please note: Milli and Lucy are very bonded and we will be rehoming them together.
    Milli and Lucy are reluctant surrenders. These beautiful friends are intimidated by larger dogs...

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  • Lucy Delmar

    Lucy Delmar

    Small Female Fox Terrier x Poodle, 20/04/2010

    Please note: Lucy and Milli adore each other and we will be rehoming them together.
    Lucy is a friendly girl who loves to be cuddled and held. She and Milli are reluctant surrenders. They enjoy human company and being pampered...

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  • Charlie Conway

    Charlie Conway

    Small Male Dachshund x, 02/04/2010

    Strong willed, forthright and determined, Charlie Conway embodies everything that is special about the dachshund breed. He is an affectionate lad too, he was part of a caring household until his person passed away...

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  • Rusty Conway

    Rusty Conway

    Small Male Jack Russell Terrier x, 02/04/2010

    Please note: Rusty will be rehomed with another doggy friend for company.
    When you meet a dog who has been loved for many years, it shows. There is always that special little mannerism, whether it's that adoring look, the "always ready to play" crouch...

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  • Rosie


    Medium Female Labrador x , 25/07/2011

    Gorgeous looking Rosie is great with most dogs but is happiest when with her people. She is more than happy to socialise and hang out with you at your local cafe. Rosie has beautiful manners and will never beg for a share of your food...

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  • Harley


    Large Male German Shepherd x Staffy, 6 months

    Harley loves to be with people and delights in playing with his doggy friends. He would thrive in a family that had another dog for company and would love a well fenced yard that will enable him to run and be free...

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  • Dustin


    Small Male Jack Russell Terrier x, 10.12. 2012

    Please note: Dustin's new home will include another dog to run and play with.
    Dustin is fabulous. He is very affectionate and has fitted in so well with his foster family. Dustin adores the attention of his people...

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  • Coco Egorian

    Coco Egorian

    Large Female Great Dane x Wolfhound , 10/02/17

    Coco is a sweet, affectionate girl who loves cuddles. She delights in a snooze somewhere comfortable however all she wants is to be in the company of her people...

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  • Maggie Egorian

    Maggie Egorian

    Large Female Great Dane x Wolfhound , 10/02/17

    An affectionate girl, Maggie adores being in the company of her people. She loves cuddles and resting next to you, always making sure you are both touching. Her new home will see her with a loving family...

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  • Lillee Delmar - on hold

    Lillee Delmar - on hold

    Medium Female Kelpie x, 30/05/20167

    Lillee Delmar is a beautiful girl who is looking for a new family to welcome her into their pack. She is new into the care of Victorian Dog Rescue...

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  • Connie


    Small Female Fox Terrier x Jack Russell Terrier, DOB: 18/10/07

    Connie is an adorable little girl who loves her people and gets along well with cats and her doggy friends...

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Check out our gallery with rescue dogs of all sizes and backgrounds. They all have two things in common: each was abandoned in one way or other, and each of them is longing for a forever home, a home where they are loved, feel safe and yes -  are spoiled. Can you give that to one of these gorgeous guys?

Please note: we do not rehome interstate or to applicants under 25.