Our Seniors

They may be getting on a bit, they may have lost that cute puppy look, but they are still a pup at heart and have a lot to give.

  • Snowy ZanziSnowy Zanzi, a 10 year old male Maltese x, is a lovable and cuddly older gentleman who's happy for a short play, a short walk so he can say hello to people he meets, and then just wants to hang out or perhaps have a nap.

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  • DominoDomino, a 14 year old Dalmation, is a true older gentleman but is also still young at heart. He has excellent doggy manners.

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Our Special Needs

They may have health issues and need extra care but they still have unconditional love, companionship and a laugh to give.

  • JaeleJaele, a 1 year 6 months old Female Manx x, is a little ray of sunshine. She was born with a structural malformation which means she cannot toilet properly.

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  • SomaliSomali, a 10 months old adorable female domestic short hair cat , has diabetes insipidus. She is an absolute sweetheart who will be a delightful companion.

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Our Happy Tandems

Looking for a happy pair? Check out our dogs that would love to go to their forever home together with their best friend.