Jude And Joanie In Their New Special Home

Jude And Joanie In Their New Special Home

Jude and Joanie were found abandoned in the middle of the forest - their pads were nearly worn away as they must have tried hard to get to food and water. Jude was standing with Joanie at his feet when they were found. A lot of dogs are left in this forest - our lovely Nahila was found there tied to a tree with her mother. These are the lucky ones. They are safe now with us. Someone found them and bothered to take them to the pound.

Joanie and Jude rescued by VicDRG

To give an idea of their condition at the time they were found, Jude was around 30 kgs. They are in far better condition now with Jude 51 kgs and looking good, and Joanie looking a little less whippet-like at 26 kgs.

We were so desperate to keep these guys together, but after 15 months we believed we would have to separate them. But sometimes prayers are answered. Jude and Joanie have been in their new home in Melbourne for a few months now and all is going well. We are so incredibly grateful to the family, previous adopters, who took these guys on. The adopters have given them a special home. We are so glad that we could keep Jude and Joanie together. They deserved it.

Joanie and Jude and their new family

Joanie and Jude in their new home

Joanie and Jude in their new home

Enjoy the rest of your life Jude and Joanie.

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  1. Lynne:
    Feb 06, 2016 at 11:00 AM

    Thank you beautiful kind family for adopting these two survivors. They look beautiful dogs and I bet you will all be wonderfully happy together. Were they found abandoned too or were they from the bushfires? Lots of love to you all. A beautiful happy ending

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